10th IACC Prague, 7 - 11 October 2001

IACC Theme: Together Against Corruption: Designing Strategies, Assessing Impact, Reforming Corrupt Institutions

IACC Rationale:
The 10th IACC took place in Prague, Czech Republic, from 7-11 October, 2001. The Conference theme was Together Against Corruption: Designing Strategies, Assessing Impact, Reforming Corrupt Institutions. The event was attended by more than 1200 experts from around the globe including such notable figures as Czech Prime Minister, Milos Zeman, and Mexican President, Vicente Fox; French magistrate, Eva Joly; the head of Interpol, Ronald Noble, and many more.

The 10th IACC Declarationreinforces the outcomes of the conference of tangiable change and specfic intiatives rather then empty rhetoric and generalised condemnation of corruption. It emphasises the connection between contemporary challenges of terrorism and poverty and corruption and the need to break these links through practical and innovative solutions.


Conference Programme

Monday 8 October 2001

Accountability Of Political Leaders

Chair: Maria Livanos Cattaui, Secretary General, Internatonal Chamber of Commerce
Keynote Speaker:
Milos Zeman, Prime Minister of the Czech Republic
Plenary Speakers:
Ronald Noble, Secretary General, Interpol, France
Eva Joly, Investigating Magistrate, Tribunal of General Jurisdiction, France
Ann Pettifor, Director, JubileePlus, United Kingdom
Joris Demmink, Vice-Minister of Justice, The Netherlands
Fernando Oiviera, Minister of Justice, Peru
Workshops in the afternoon

Tuesday 9 October

Creating a Competitive Private Sector

Chair: Frank Vogl, Vice-Chairman, Transparency International
Keynote Speaker:
Jean Lemierre, President, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, United Kingdom
Seiichi Kondo, Deputy Secretary General, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, France
Daniel Kaufmann, Senior Manager, World Bank Institute, The World Bank
Ricardo Semler, President, Semco Industries, Brazil
Heinz Rothermund, Regional Business Director, Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa, Royal Dutch Shell
Patrick Alley, Global Witness, United Kingdom
Workshops in the afternoon

Wednesday 10 October

Strengthening Institutional Restraints

Chair: Peter Brod, Editor, BBC Czech Service, Prague
Keynote Speaker:
Baltasar Garzon Real, Investigating Judge, Spain
Plenary Speakers:
Cheryl Gray, Director of the Public Sector, The World Bank
Francois Werner, Special Representive, International Olympic Commitee Commission of Ethics, Switzerland
Marie-Noelle Patterson, former Ombudsman, Vanuatu
Liu Liying, Senior Supervisor, Ministry of Supervision of China
  Workshops in the afternoon

Thursday 11 October

Strengthening Civil Society and the Role of the Media

Ekaterina Genieva, President, Open Society Fund Russia, Transparency International Advisory Council, Russia
Keynote Speaker:
Peter Eigen, Chairman of the Board, Transparency International Secretariat
Plenary Speakers:
Soli Sorabjee, Attorney General of India
Ayo Obe, President, The Civil Liberties Organisation, Nigeria
Freimut Duve, OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media
George Soros, philanthropist and financier, Chairman, Open Society Institute, USA
Vicente Fox Quesada, President of Mexico

Closing Plenary and Handover Ceremony

Chair: Marie Bohata, Head of the Czech Statistical Office, The Czech Republic

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