IACC News http://iacconference.org/en What's new? en pomalley@transparency.org Copyright 2012 2012-05-11T13:40:03+00:00 The Call For Session Proposals is Open http://iacconference.org/en/news/the_call_for_session_proposals_is_open/ http://iacconference.org/en/news/the_call_for_session_proposals_is_open/#When:13:40:03Z It is time to plan your active participation at the world’s most innovative and dynamic forum for fighting corruption and boosting transparency. For a limited time only, we are inviting actors from civil society, the public and private sectors, journalists, activists, academics, students and young people from all around the world to submit proposals for up to 50 sessions that will take place this November in Brasilia. 2012-05-11T13:40:03+00:00 Mobilising People: Connecting Agents of Change http://iacconference.org/en/news/mobilising_people_connecting_agents_of_change/ http://iacconference.org/en/news/mobilising_people_connecting_agents_of_change/#When:12:41:10Z Berlin / Brasilia, 28 September 2011 — With the theme, “Mobilising People: Connecting Agents of Change” the 15th International Anti-Corruption Conference series (15th IACC) will be held in Brasília, Brazil from 7 - 10 November 2012. Taking place since 1983, the IACC series is the leading independent global platform for those who want to put an end to corruption and eliminate its pervasive impact on governance, the economy, the environment and most importantly on people’s everyday lives, especially the most vulnerable. 2011-09-21T12:41:10+00:00 IACC Newsletter Interview with Cobus de Swardt http://iacconference.org/en/news/iacc_newsletter_interview_with_cobus_de_swardt/ http://iacconference.org/en/news/iacc_newsletter_interview_with_cobus_de_swardt/#When:12:31:10Z On the occasion of the global announcement of our theme and venue for the 15th IACC we had the pleasure to talk to Cobus de Swardt. Cobus is Managing Director of Transparency International. In this interview he shares his thoughts on the chosen theme as well as on the IACC’s role in the fight against corruption.  2011-09-21T12:31:10+00:00 IACC Newsletter Interview with Minister Jorge Hage Sobrinho http://iacconference.org/en/news/iacc_newsletter_interview_with_minister_jorge_hage_sobrinho/ http://iacconference.org/en/news/iacc_newsletter_interview_with_minister_jorge_hage_sobrinho/#When:12:27:10Z IACC Newsletter interview – Minister Jorge Hage – head of the Office of the Comptroller General of Brazil – 2011 This month we spoke to Minister Jorge Hage Sobrinho, the Head of the Office of the Comptroller General of Brazil about the Open Government Partnership (OGP) that has been launched this month. The OGP is a multilateral initiative that aims to secure concrete commitments from governments to promote transparency, empower citizens, fight corruption, and harness new technologies to strengthen governance. In the spirit of multi-stakeholder collaboration, OGP is overseen by a steering committee of governments and civil society organizations. In its inaugural year the OGP is co-chaired by minister Hage and United States Under Secretary of State for Democracy and Global Affairs Maria Otero… 2011-09-21T12:27:10+00:00 IACC Theme: Focusing on People http://iacconference.org/en/news/iacc_theme_focusing_on_people/ http://iacconference.org/en/news/iacc_theme_focusing_on_people/#When:12:18:10Z Save the date in your diary: The 15th International Anti-Corruption Conference is taking place 7 – 10 November 2012 in Brasilia, Brazil and we are very excited to announce that the theme of the conference is “Mobilising people: Connecting Agents of Change”. Since 1983, the conference series has served as the leading international platform for those who want to put an end to corruption and eliminate the negative impacts it has on the economy, the environment, democracy and most importantly people’s everyday lives. 2011-09-21T12:18:10+00:00 Tackling Corruption in Brasília http://iacconference.org/en/news/tackling_corruption_in_brasilia/ http://iacconference.org/en/news/tackling_corruption_in_brasilia/#When:12:06:10Z Brasília is the seat of all three branches of the Brazilian government and works as a venue for political events, music performances and movie festivals. Brasília is a cosmopolitan city, with around 119 embassies, a wide range of restaurants and well-designed infrastructure. You can visit innovative buildings and imaginative monuments, ranging from the hyperboloid Cathedral of Brasilia to the lunar-esque Complexo Cultural da Republica to the glass-box Palacio da Alvorada ... 15th IACC 2011-09-21T12:06:10+00:00 Getting Ready for the 15th IACC http://iacconference.org/en/news/getting_ready_for_the_15th_iacc/ http://iacconference.org/en/news/getting_ready_for_the_15th_iacc/#When:14:06:32Z During the Closing Plenary at the 14th IACC in Thailand, it was announced by Minister Jorge Hage Sobrinho that the conference in 2012 is to be held in Brazil. Since then, everyone involved has been gearing up to make sure the 15th IACC is effective and exciting… 2011-06-15T14:06:32+00:00 Read me http://iacconference.org/en/news/read_me/ http://iacconference.org/en/news/read_me/#When:15:35:10Z We just opened the call for session proposals for 15IACC! Find out more here Info, Theme 2011-02-09T15:35:10+00:00 14th IACC Speakers http://iacconference.org/en/news/14th_iacc_speakers/ http://iacconference.org/en/news/14th_iacc_speakers/#When:10:18:25Z The speakers list for the 14th IACC is becoming each week more impressive. Recently confirmed speakers include Patrick Alley, Paul Collier, John Githongo, Karen Lissakers and Kunio Mikuriya…. Collective Action, Speaker, Participation 2010-03-16T10:18:25+00:00 Call for Workshop Proposals Closed http://iacconference.org/en/news/14th_IACC_workshops/ http://iacconference.org/en/news/14th_IACC_workshops/#When:09:58:47Z Thank you to all who have submitted proposals for the 14th IACC. We currently are taking time to review the proposals, our analysis to date indicates we received an interesting variety of topics from all around the world, stay turned for more details! IACC workshops aim to stimulate debate, forge solutions and identify tangible, effective and innovative strategies to combat corruption and boost transparency and accountability standards. Participation, Workshops 2010-02-11T09:58:47+00:00