8th IACC Lima, 7 - 11 September 1997

IACC Theme: The State And Civil Society In The Fight Against Corruption

IACC Rationale:
Ama sua, ama llulla, ama quella. Don’t be a liar. Don’t be a thief. Don’t be lazy. The ancient laws of the Inca were the watchwords chosen by the Peruvian Organising Committee for the 8th International Anti-Corruption Conference, which took place 7-11 September, 1997, in Lima, Peru. The Conference, which was organised by a Peruvian Organising Committee (consisting of public and private sector institutions as well as civil society organisations) with the programmatic and technical assistance of the IACC Council, brought together over 1000 delegates from 93 countries - including eighty TI delegates - to discuss anti-corruption strategies and to work on common approaches. It culminated in the formulation of an unprecedented international anti-corruption work programme - the Lima Declaration Against Corruption.

The 8th IACC Declaration sets out the recommendations following the Conference discussions on the means of containing corruption in all its manifestations around the globe and uniting in a vision of an era of international and national co-operation in the twenty-first century in which the evil of corruption is suppressed.


Conference Programme

Sunday 7 September 1997

Opening Ceremony
Blanca Nélida Col´n Maguino, President of the Organizing Committee
Feng Tiyun, Chief of the Chinese Delegation, 7th International Anti-Corruption Conference
Carlos Morelli, Secretary General, 8th International Anti-Corruption Conference
Koffi Annan, Secretary General, United Nations
Fernando Zumbado, Director, Latin American and the Caribean Bureau
César Gaviria, Secretary General of the OAS
Alberto Fujimori, President of Peru

Monday 8 September

Defining the Challenge For Fighting Corruption

Chair: Jorge Camet, Minister Of  Economy and Finance, Peru
Plenary Speakers:
James Wolfensohn, President, World Bank
Javed Burki, Vice-President, World Bank
Alfonso Valdivieso, Former General Attorney, Colombia
Francois Vincke, Petrofina, Belgium
Judge John Noonan, USA
Chair: Edmundo Orellana Mercado, Attorney General, Honduras
Plenary Speakers:
Shang Jin-Wei, Professor, Harvard, China/USA
Vito Tanzi, International Monetary Fund, Italy
James W. Shaver, General Secretary WCO, USA
Baroness Lynda Chalker of Wallasey, United Kingdom
Mark Pieth, Professor, Switzerland
15.00 - 16.30 Workshops
18.15 - 19.15 Open Presentations

Tuesday 9 September

Sharpening The Tools For The Fight Against Corruption

Chair: Barry O'Keefe, Australia
Plenary Speakers:
Bertrand de Speville, United Kingdom
Dr. Gherardo Colombo, Italy
Carla del Ponto, Attorney General, Switzerland
Dr. Alfonso Valdivieso, Colombia
Chair: H.E. Suwit Khunkitti, Minister of Justice, Thailand
Plenary Speakers:
Daniel Kaufmann, Professor, Harvard University and the World Bank
Johann Graf Lambsdorff, Professor, Universität Göttingen, Germany
Dr. Fernando Zumbado, Costa Rica
Ahmedou Ould Abdallah, Mauritania
Antonio Garrigues, Spain
Cardinal Augusto Vargas Alzamora, Peru
15.00 - 20.00 Workshops

Wednesday 10 September

Empowering Civil Society In The Fight Against Corruption

Chair: Mr. Potts - Department of Ethics, USA
Plenary Speakers:
Augustine Ruzindana, Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee, Uganda
Dr. M.S. Gill, Chief Election Commissioner, India
Domingo Palermo, Peru
Gustavo Coronel, Venezuela
Chair: Santiago Mirian Esposo, Senator, Philippines
Plenary Speakers:
Prof. Dr. Peter Eigen, Transparency International, Germany
Dr. Luis Moreno Ocampo, Poder Ciudadano, Argentina
Jaime De Althaus, Peru
John, Githongo, Kenya
Karen de Segundo, Holland
15.00 - 19.45 Workshops

Thursday 11 September

Civil Society As A Mean Of Change And Disuasion

Chair: President of Congress, El Salvador
Plenary Speakers:
Michael Stevens, World Bank, United Kingdom
Dr. Jorge Santistevan, Ombudsman´s Office Peru
Bin Yahaya Shafee, Government Representative, Malaysia
Jolanta Balbiuch, Academia, Poland
Valeria Merino, The NGO´s, Ecuador
Osman Abdul Magid, Business Representative, Mozambique
Juan Lozano, The Pres, Colombia
Closing Ceremony
Chair: Mr. Carlos Baraibar, President of House of Representatives, Uruguay
Plenary Speakers:
Alberto Pandolfi, President of Council´s Ministries, Peru



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